cowboys vs aliens

can i please tell you how excited I am about this movie??

First off, let’s talk about WHY its going to be the most amazing movie of the summer

  1. Harrison Ford.  Indiana Jones…first action hero that i fell head over heels with!  He was so handsome with the hat and the whip and how he kissed with such abandon that i swear i could feel it through the movie screen when I was 8 years old.  THEN i was introduced to Han Solo.  o. m. g.  like totally started my love affair with sci-fi!
  2. Science Fiction meets Western?  Have you ever seen an ugly cowboy?  I mean, let’s just be honest.  Chaps, fringe, guns, whiskey, brothels, lewed women, carriage rides, and the salon piano player?  3:10 to Yuma was AWESOME.  Maverick (Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster) was…..awesome (to a 10 year old!).  Tombstone? Blazing Saddles?  And have you seen this cowboy that I have a HUGE crush on??  Yeah, I could be fine with living on a ranch with PDub, and Charlie…and Josh…..but where was I?  The best part about this western is ALIENS.  Give me some SciFi and I will be a happy woman.  That torrid love affair came from The X-Files…with a sexy Moulder and savvy Scully (Do we see a pattern here??  The MEN of my youth.)
  3. And I would be absolutely remiss if I didnt mention this hottie: the best James Bond since Sean Connery (and let’s be honest.  He didn’t have much competition!  Roger Moore??  Please, I do NOT think so).   Munich, Layer Cake, Archangel, Defiance.  He just SCREAMS Sex when he smiles with those blue eyes!  Not to mention I cried for three days after I saw Defiance.

gorgeousness.Now, let’s talk about the quality of this fil……ummmmm never mind.  Things blowing up, hot men running around, a little bit of sweat, more gore, and a plot line that is literally out of this world?  What else could this woman ask for in her summer line up!  Now if only I could have gone to Comic-Con this year…




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