**disclaimer** crazies abound!

Unfortunately, I cannot credit for this amazing craziness.  For all of you men who think you hit the jack-pot with a stalker, let’s just review again what happened to Jared Moore.

First off, Wikipedia defines stalking as such:

Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted, obsessive attention by individuals (and sometimes groups of people) to others. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment andintimidation. The word “stalking” is used, with some differing meanings, in psychology and psychiatry and also in some legal jurisdictions as a term for a criminal offense. It may also be used to refer to criminal offences or civil wrongs that include conduct which some people consider to be stalking, such as those described in law as “harassment” or similar terms

And then again, you can clearly see that there are MANY different types of stalkers:

  • Rejected stalkers pursue their victims in order to reverse, correct, or avenge a rejection (e.g. divorce, separation, termination).
  • Resentful stalkers pursue a vendetta because of a sense of grievance against the victims – motivated mainly by the desire to frighten and distress the victim.
  • Intimacy seekers seek to establish an intimate, loving relationship with their victim. To many of them the victim is a long-sought-after soul mate, and they were ‘meant’ to be together.
  • Incompetent suitors, despite poor social or courting skills, have a fixation, or in some cases a sense of entitlement to an intimate relationship with those who have attracted their amorous interest. Their victims are most often already in a dating relationship with someone else.
  • Predatory stalkers spy on the victim in order to prepare and plan an attack – often sexual – on the victim.

SO Enter JSM’s one night stand….

How do you keep all that craziness bottled up in one phone?

 Monday, July 18, 2011 at 2:38pm

In order to appreciate all of these, understand that I walked up to a table full of girls on Saturday night, met this chick and hung out with her until Sunday – mid day. When I dropped her off I let her know that I would initiate contact and so on. She texted me all week, and I responded very little, but let her know that her texting was bothering me. Finally, on Saturday I had enough and I told her to be a big girl and delete my number….. the following messages ensued; and remember – I did NOT respond a single time from beginning to end. These all were sent from around 1pm on Saturday – through Sunday around 2pm….

1. Be a big boy and admit you fucking used me and lied to me. How could you do this to me.

2. And I don’t give a shit where you are. We are having this conversation

3. You’re not getting off this easy. You have destroyed my self esteem. You promised me you weren’t treating me like a whore and here we go…

4. Because I wanted to know when we were going to talk. Well excuse me for being interested in you.

5. I must be a terrible person for having had an incredible time with you and wanting to see you again.

6. Read back through your texts, until today they were nowhere near annoying.

7. Telling you I’m in the ER is annoying?

8. So if I wouldn’t have texted you, you would have seen me again, answer. Just need to know for future

9. So we’re living in the 60’s where only the man can initiate contact? Again, sorry for really liking you enough to bother texting you. I thought I was doing the right thing by showing interest. Sorry

10. Sorry, I am just beating myself up for ruining this. I didn’t understand the parameters. I really thought it was ok. Anyway, have fun with your friends

and good luck with the next one. I am so sorry and I’m here if you ever want to start over. I really am a pretty great girl.

11. One last thing, I cannot believe I am crying over this. I feel like I know everything about you and vice versa. It sucks.

12. You were the first person I’ve been excited about for months.

13. Can you please just give me one more chance and I’ll follow your rules if I know what they are? Please?

14. I promise you’ll like me.

15. Please don’t ruin this over text messages.

16. Please just say you’ll give me another chance and then you can ditch me. Please Jared.

17. I promise I’ll never text you again…

18. Please please please give me another chance. You really like me and I really liked you. It’s silly to not try it one more time because of something small. Please Jared.

19. It’s hard because we really liked each other. That wasn’t fake. We spent almost 10 hours talking. But ok. You win.

20. I meant to add, we told each other everything about our lives.

21. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when I got home, despite the sickness that is 🙂

22. I’ve already said I’m sorry for texting 1000 times. If you really want me to move on I will. Just know that I really want to see you.

23. Just be mean and tell me to get out of your life.

24. Jared? I know you’re probably out but you are killing me here.

25. I need to know if I am ever going to see you again or if I should just give up hope and accept the fact that I’m just a slut that got the wool pulled over my eyes. I’m sure there will be a different girl tonight if that’s the case.

26. Ignoring me won’t make me go away. I’m a real person with real feelings. You have no right to treat anyone this way

27. Lets go to breakfast and talk and then I can move on.

28. It won’t take long. I have pool and local taco with friends this afternoon

29. Ok, I give up. I won’t bother you again. I’m sure you went home with someone different last night. Still wish you’d give me a second chance but c’est la vie.

30. Why can’t you be human and just call me or see me?

31. You know you owe me a real conversation. You know how hurt I am.

Take some ownership in this.

32. You ignoring me doesn’t help anything. It just freaks me out even more.

33. I’m not kidding Jared. You are making me cry. Did you go home with someone else last night?

34. What is your problem Jared?

35. I didn’t do anything wrong!!!!

36. Explain this to me. I’m so fucking confused.

37. Are you really going to block me or can I just leave you alone for awhile?

38. I’ll leave you alone but please know I’m not crazy and I’ll know your not a dick and we’ll let bygones be bygones. Hopefully you can forgive me with time

39. I don’t understand how we got here….

40. Block my number. Way to accept your share of this.

41. Fucking answer me. You used the fuck out of me and I really like you.

42. And no, I’m not close to insane. Just fucked over by a boy and my feelings are extremely hurt.

43. Why??? Because I want you to give me a second chance? I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to text you in the beginning and that ruined everything. I’m just confused. We left on great terms.

AND THEN it gets better…. One full week AFTER said love affair…

That thing must be made of GOLD!

 Monday, July 25, 2011 at 8:41am

Ok- so the first few of these pick up on Wed of last week… after she informed me of her hospitalization for whatever she has. Most of them, however, are from Sunday.

To really paint the picture, without spoiling the finish too badly, she was found in front of my door, lying in a bunch of leaves, where she had been for the previous 3 hours. Apparently one of my neighbors got sick of her banging on the door and called the cops. She was there from (roughly) 8pm until about 3:40am… I also had to turn off my phone and I woke up to hear 13 voicemails… they are fairly entertaining as well.

However, she is clearly NOT crazy – as she points out so regularly….

1. I was under the impression that when you liked someone, you actually tried to communicate with said person. I guess I’m all fucked up. 🙂

2. Home now.

3. Want to grab a bloody Mary or something tomorrow?

4. You could just say no.

5. I really like you and thought this was non committal way to touch base. Sorry.

6. Quit being so stubborn and text me back. Im fine with whatever you say.

7. Just tell me to go away. Something. We had a great connection and this silence is killing me.

8. If you’re going to ignore me, tell me and I’ll go away. I actually drank bloody Mary’s . My feelings won’t be hurt. Promise.

At this point I have had enough. I respond for the ONLY time in these texts with:

“I never want to see you or speak to you again. Please stop this shit. You are crazy”

9. That is not true and you know it.

10. Jared, I am not crazy. I just want to try this again. We had a real connection and you are super cute.

11. You aren’t giving me a fair shot.

12. Texting should not be a deal beaker. You knew I was a texter in your bed.

13. Come on… Give me a Chance to make this better. We really liked each other.

14. I’m the least crazy girl you will ever meet by the way. I just feel like a whore and you told me I wasn’t.

15. I’m just confused baby.

16. Say I’m crazy and it meant nothing. Don’t be mad at me over texts.

17. Come on, I’m trashed. Be mean

18. There is nothing crazy about me! Get to know me!!!!

19. Baby

20. Don’t be stupid

21. Text messages should not affect your opinion of me dork

22. Give me a fucking chance!!!

23. You hate me because I really ole you!! Yikes

24. Tell me you’re fucking someone else or something!

25. I’m drunk. I’m not giving up

26. You really liked me. I’m the same girl.

27. 862 8600 is the number for the police… See you in a bit

28. Talk to me. Dont make a fool of me please. I just like you

29. Dont make me drive there. Please

30. And by the way, you know I’m not crazy. You just really fucked me over.

31. Baby!!!!!

32. Talk to me. I promise I’m a good girl. Everyone lives me. Please Jared.

33. We just got off to a bad start. Come on

34. I’ll sit at your house all night and all day tomorrow

35. Talk to me!!!!!!!!!!

36. Baby, please dont make me do this.

37. Your neighbors are going to get pissed

38. Open the door

39. You’re going to get evicted

40. Open the door

41. Ok, I’ll sit here all night. Just talk to me. Tell me I’m crazy. Open the door

42. Jared, please

43. You’re home. Your upstairs lights are on

44. Open the door

45. Every neighbor you have has stopped to see what’s up

46. I just got yelled at

47. Say something

48. I can see the light on upstairs. Let me in for 5 minutes and il leave

49. Come home. Your neighbors are freaking out!!

50. I’m not leaving until you talk to me. I don’t care if I have to call in sick and sleep on the ground,

51. Be a grown up and fucking talk to me. I’ve never been used before. I don’t know how to deal. I thought you liked me. I’m freaking out

52. Please

53. Listen, I know there is no chance for us but I deserve better than this.

54. You wouldn’t treat a piece of shit whore like this.

55. I’ve woken up everyone in your building and you’re not even home.

56. Thanks bud. They left me here.

57. I cannot believe you called the police on me.

58. What in the fuck did I do to you to get the police called!!!

59. The front desk is going to talk to you tomorrow about this. The rent a cop hates you and wants you evicted.

60. The real cop just said I shouldn’t drive.

61. You called the fucking cops on me because you treated me like a whore’

62. Say something you scared pussy

63. I dont want to date you, I just want to know why you did this to me. Man up and answer or come home or open your door. 5 minutes is all I ask.

64. I’m begging you to open your door. I can’t sleep in leaves on concrete outside. I can’t leave cause rent a cop is watching me. Please babe.

65. I may go home now but I’m not going to leave you alone until you tell me why you treated me like a whore. I didn’t deserve it.

66. You are never getting rid of me until you talk to me. I’m not joking. I am not a whore.

67. Unless you give me the 5 minutes I deserve, you are going to wish you were dead.

68. You refuse to take responsibility for your actions and then your too much of a jerk to even talk to me about it even though you know you have destroyed me. What am I supposed to do other than cry for 8 hours?


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