there is something about…

Sleeping alone.

I could blame it on being married/dating a man for 4 years, or I could say its because I have sisters, or that my best friend in high school would spend the night almost every night of the year! But I was not made to sleep in the bed alone. What’s really funny is that even having a dog (or two) makes the difference!

For me, I wake up more, feel less “safe, have the WORLD’S strangest dreams! Is this connecting to anyone???

Currently its not easy to sleep with me, as I have the big “cheese” to elevate my foot on. But 🙂 my sister, mom, and dearest friend have all made my nights easy to sleep on! But tonight the bed is allllllllll mine.

Tonight, here’s what’s buggin’
my foot (obvi)
The 19,621 misquitto bites I aquired this weekend
The heat of the room
Will I get a car, and if so WHEN
MY HOUSE is a wreck
I’m living with my mom again
Woah, I’m LIVING with my mom again! (Totally another tangent we can explore later, not enough time in the night!)
The fact I have to work tomorrow
The fact I’m not sleeping and work tomorrow
Its been 17 days since I last worked out

Enough? Yeah, I thought so too.

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