sunday funday


So life as a gimp has made me less mobile than normal (understatement, right?) – not to mention that my car was completely totalled 2 weeks ago. Damn.

I’m looking for a car, and I happen to stumble upon the most awesome car.

the Volvo XC90


Talk about the most sweet ride 🙂

I realize that I am not married any more, and I realize I have no kids currently. But in looking for a car, I do not want to have to sell my car in 3 or 5 years when I finally do meet a man who thinks I’m awesome and doesn’t treat me like shit. And what if HE already has kids, which doesn’t bother me a bit! I just need one or two (or six) of my own. The Volvo has a place already for a booster seat 🙂 and its one of the safest cars, has longevity, good gas miliage, did I mention its gorgeous??? And fun? And cute 🙂

So let’s hope that the dude in Atlanta sees that I need this car. need. NEED.

I happen to know less than nothing about car buying. And less than less about how to get a good deal on it. Bartering at an antique shop? No problem. Finding a website that has awesome deals? Right up my alley. Best price for a house? Cell phone bil? Kindle? Ok, just call me and tell me how much you want to spend. But a car? I don’t know what is a real mark-up, what it costs to make a car, blah blah blah blah……so. Makes me nervous. Ya know.

Moral of the story here?

Let’s get a car 🙂

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